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The range

Enterpack automatic tray sealing machines offer many industry first features which are unique to our system. Our machines are fully automatic, meaning once the machine has been turned on you do not have to touch the machine again to operate it, the simple process of placing the tray on the open drawer starts the machine operation. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination. Our tooling has been designed to apply no heat to the product being sealed, offering additional shelf life compared to conventional methods. All our machines profile cut the film around the tray resulting in a professional and attractive finish. The automatic machines have the facility to punch a tiny micro-perforation in the top of the film, this benefits the ventilation of hot products, vents products that naturally produces gases and extends the colour of red meats. The tooling is of a cassette design, enabling hot tooling changes of less than 30 seconds. All machines are hand delivered with full health and safety training with your staff. All automatic machines come with 3 years no quibble warranty.


For further information on any of our products or to place an order, please call us today on 0410 664 244 or email

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